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Looking for something fun to do?

Join us at Club Beacons to hang out and meet new friends! Before you join us, please make sure you complete the forms needed, and review our policies and procedures. We look forward to seeing you soon! Check our home page for our annual calendar!


1. Registration process! 

Club uses EventBrite to simplify the registration and payment process. All those attending must pay in advance unless a different arrangement applies for which an invoice will be submitted to the appropriate entity (e.g. FMS funding, Self-Determination funding, etc). Payments are not accepted at the door.

Links to EventBrite will be posted on Beacons' calendar of events on the Beacons homepage and on the Club webpage as the event nears.


2. Is Club Beacons an approved SDRC vendor?
Beacons has applied to become a vendor so that events can be paid through service code 525 for eligible SDRC consumers who have been approved for soc rec funding for Club events.


3. SDRC Soc Rec FMS Funding of Events

Even if an activity or program is not vendored, and even if a consumer is not in the self-determination program, the SDRC may approve funding for Club individually or as a series on a case-by-case basis under the "CIS FMS soc rec option" up to 6 months at a time.



  • Consumer Requests approval: Consumer consults with the SDRC service coordinator to request SDRC funding of a Club event or for a series Club events over a period not to exceed 6 months.

  • Service Coordinator requests approval: Once the service coordinator requests and obtains funding approval, the SDRC will notify Beacons and CIS to complete the needed paperwork, and alert CIS that invoices submitted to it from Beacons are approved for payment. 


How does it work?
Once the paperwork is approved and processed, the guest will be given an individualized code to use to sign up through EventBrite and will no longer need to pay out-of-pocke
t to sign up for the SDRC approved events. After a consumer has attended an event, Beacons will invoice CIS for payment. Please contact your service coordinator to request funding for Club's weekend social events. 


NEW as of September 2023!

All sign-ups and payment for Club must be through EventBrite. 

Please see our Beacons calendar for the upcoming Club events

Have an idea for a Club event? Email us!

Club Calendar


All participants must complete a waiver AND registration form to participate. A confirmation email will be sent to you from Beacons. Waivers and Registrations are good for the entire calendar year in which they were signed. 

Forms are available through EventBrite link. If questions, please contact:

FAQs: Sign-ups, Waitlists & General Information

Sign-up required through Eventbright - No Drop-ins! 
As of 10/2, we'll have more room to accommodate more people, but please sign up through EventBright to make sure you have a spot! Beacons will no longer take payment at the event so all payments and form completion must be done ahead of time! This transition was made to reduce the time needed to process sign-ups, registrations and payments so that our team can focus on the fun instead of paperwork.

Cost & Payment

Payment is all managed through EventBrite. Please note that payments for Club events and activities may be eligible for reimbursement from the San Diego Regional Center as a "social recreational" activity. Please contact your service coordinator to learn more!

What if an event is full? 

If an event is full, EventBrite will automatically add you to the waitliest and we will try to accommodate you as best we can! Thank you!


Going with a friend? Important!

If going to Club with a friend, please make sure your friend has signed-up so that the friend is not turned away. [If attending with a personal care attendant, please notify Beacons in advance:]

First timers

The first time someone attends, a member of the participant's "Circle of Trust" (e.g. parent, aide, driver, etc.) will be asked to stay onsite for up to an hour to make sure the participant is comfortable, sufficiently supported and successful at the Club event without the need for additional assistance. If a participant needs more assistance to be successful, the participant may attend with their own personal support  (e.g. a personal care attendant) for no additional charge.

Facilitation Ratio (Approximately 5:1)

Club Beacons is designed to facilitate and introduce social activities for persons with mild/moderate intellectual disabilities who can participate with staffing ratios of 5:1 or larger.


Individuals who require smaller ratio support, and/or who have medical or other issues that need a smaller ratio or ratio of 1:1 to monitor or assist the participant may not be dropped off without a personal care attendant/respite worker/caregiver. Beacons does not provide medical, behavioral or other support other than the provision of facilitated social recreational activities.

Maladaptive Behaviors:

Beacons reserves the right to refuse entry to individuals who have shown or have a history of maladaptive behaviors (elopement, disruptive or aggressive behaviors, self injurious behaviors, behaviors that are likely to injure others) at Club Beacons, outside of Club or who have been convicted of criminal behavior. Any questions, please contact Club directly.


If a person intentionally causes injury to self or others or property, or exhibits behaviors which are likely to injure self or others or property, the person will need to be picked up and removed from the premises.

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