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Donation Station!

Help us grow! We are expanding for a third time and will move to 2245 Camino Vida Roble (Suite 100) on 9/28/23! This move will help our current options operate at full capacity and let us expand our programming to include a creative arts division and more!

11/4/23 We'll host our annual fundraiser at our new site!
Join us! Chair: Mary Backer


Executive Director: Kim Kopp, M.A.Ed

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Donations can be made through Venmo

Creative Ways

to support Beacons, Inc.:

1. Monthly Giving
Make a recurring monthly gift throughout the year through our "Donate" button! Maybe try a regular donation of $20 a month?

2. Matching Gifts
Did you know many employers will match all or a part of your donation? Talk to your HR department about your corporate matching program. Typically, after you make a donation, your HR department will then request Beacons, Inc. to verify the donation via a form or website link. Once the donation is verified, the company then sends the matching donation to Beacons! Easy

3. Donations as "gifts": Instead of gifts for an occasion, consider asking people to donate money to Beacons, Inc. through FB or other social media!


4. Add Beacons, Inc. to a will!

5. Consider donation of an item instead of dollars!

6. Open your workspace to paid internships or part-time jobs (1 hr - 20 hours!)

7. Mentor one of our entrepreneurs! We work with our trainees to create their own micro-enterprises, but expertise and cheerleaders are always needed!

Wish List!


New Roll-up Doors

Beacons has a beautiful new space with lots of roll-up doors to bring the outside in, but they could use a definite upgrade so that we can have roll-up doors with windows. 

Event Equipment

Our new space has a large warehouse room for theatrical presentations and events. We have some tables and chairs, but could use more to better use the space to house larger audiences and activities. 
10 72" round tables and chairs

Recreational Equipment

Beacons now has a large "hang out" room and could use some fun things to do while hanging out! 😊 We have a ping pong table donated, but if you're looking to give away a small pool table or other recreational furniture of equipment, let us know!

White tables?

If you have white tables or wish to donate to help us get tables, we could use these for our workshop rooms, workspace and warehouse spaces. Thanks!

Assistive Technology

Interactive smart screens, or other AT will always be needed and will be put to good use! 

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